Rice's Swimming School was established in 1959 by Alf and Heather Rice. 


Heather and Alf ran the swimming school for 32 years. Their son David and his wife Sue took over the business in 1991. Both Alf and David are Physical Education teachers. David continues to run the business and his two sons have both taught at the swimming school. Max is still instructing at the school, it truly is a family affair. 

The atmosphere at the school is friendly and personal. The pools are set in a beautiful 60 year old garden planted by Heather and Alf in 1952 when the house was built. The spacious lawn area is the ideal setting for parents and children to enjoy themselves whilst lessons are in progress.


The staff all have Austswim accreditation and most are trained school teachers. This combination guarantees professional instructors who are dedicated and passionate about teaching your child how to swim. We are proud that a number of our staff have been at the school for many years, and are loved by parents and children alike.




Dip. Teach., P.E, Bach P.E


"Like my father, Alf Rice, I trained as a physical education teacher at Sydney Teachers College and then completed my Bachelor of Physical Education at the University of Western Australia.


My parents began Rice's Swimming School in 1959 and I was in the first class with my sister Jean. I began teaching with my father when I was 11 years old helping nervous beginners. By 17, I was teaching classes in my own right during my holidays.


Our teaching style has continued to evolve since those early days, but it is still based on the principles of high activity and daily lessons taught by trained and training school teachers with a maximum class size of six students. It is a formula that continues to produce strong swimmers with a love of the water.


Of all my teaching experiences I find working at the swimming school the most satisfying because of the excellent learning environment. The outdoor heated pools are the ideal depth, the classes are well graded and children make  rapid progress."


Max Rice

Max has been instructing at Rice's Swimming School since 2009. A qualified History and English teacher, he is the third generation of the Rice family to teach at the school.


"I love teaching swimming at the school as each year many of the same families return and you form great friendships with the children and these families."

Sarah Funnell

Sarah joined our team in 2010. She has a Bachelor of Education in Arts and is also an ESL teacher.


"I learnt to swim at Rice's Swimming School and have fond memories of the experience. I have been teaching swimming since 2010 and look forward to the swimming season each year.


Rice's Swimming School provides a safe and friendly environment for teaching and learning. The consistency of the teaching program enables students to feel confident as they take on each new task and move up through the levels. The staff are friendly and often share teaching tips and ideas."

Margo Hollowell

Margo is a qualified music teacher and has been instructing at Rice's Swimming School since 1998. Margo is especially loved by the children for her gentle and encouraging nature in helping them overcome any anxiety of water.


"I have a long association with Rice's Swimming School as my daughter, now a primary school teacher, learnt to swim here and was an instructor herself here for 4 years prior to moving away from the area. Rice's Swimming School is a great place to work; the setting is family friendly and the school is supportive of teachers, students and families. Dave and Sue can readily assess the state of development of each child and can recognise and cater for individual differences.


The school has a safe learning environment, friendly atmosphere and motivates students in small groups. The staff work cooperatively, helping each child to achieve their best."


Joanne Bilton

Jo has been a regular teacher at Rice's Swimming school. She joined us in 2014. Jo is also an English History Teacher.


"Joining the Rice's Swimming School team has been a wonderful experience and I have enjoyed meeting wonderful children and their parents.


The most rewarding thing about teaching here is watching the dramatic improvement in the students swimming throughout the course. The daily lessons allow students to improve upon their skills quickly. As a result, even timid swimmers finish confident and proud of their achievements."